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Brief Battles är ett spel som ett gäng karaktärer i underkläder slåss i

Det är verkligen så. Ett gäng karaktärer i underkläder slåss, det är spelet Brief Battles.

Det är australiensiska utvecklaren Juicy Cupcake som ligger bakom Brief Battles som kommer till Xbox One och PC första kvartalet 2018. Trailern visar 2,5D-upplägg och en massa färger.

Mer om spelet från uptvecklaren

Characters will gain absurd talents by donning an arsenal of powerful underpants and deploying their attire’s abilities in arenas full of interactive elements and distinctive hazards including ice-slicked floors, pools of acid and collapsing platforms. Vibrant locales and goofy abilities boost the game’s lighthearted humor, blending bright palettes with plump heroes to provide an inviting atmosphere for all ages.

Brief Battles will offer a butt load of match types, including contests beyond free for all and team bouts. Hold the Gold rewards players who strut the longest in a hefty pair of golden briefs as friends force them to drop trou, while Underpants Collector encourages out-hoarding fellow undergarment enthusiasts. A single-player wave mode, target practice stages and more secret-for-now modes will also celebrate fantastical drawers.

“Brief Battles’ jovial premise is an open invitation for any group to enjoy playful clashes and unite through a shared passion for couch gaming platform fighters,” sade Andrew Freeth, Juicy Cupcake. “With a wealth of match types, arena styles and power-ups, there will be ample opportunity to spar with an array of quirky briefs during any game night.”

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