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GTFO använder ny teknik från Unity


GTFO visar upp Cinecast i Los Angeles

Ny teknik som gör att man kan kolla på ett spel som om det vore tv finns numera att tillgå via spelmotorn Unity. Första spelet att visa upp det hela är svenska GTFO.

Läs vår intervju med GTFO-utvecklarna som tror att ABBA inte står för någonting. Du hittar den här >>

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FPS horror co-op GTFO first game to to include Unity’s recently announced CineCast feature – a dynamic camera system that enables the creation of movie like cinematic sequences from variable game play, in real-time.

Today at Unite LA – the Unity developer conference – it was announced that GTFO will be the first game to feature CineCast, a dynamic camera system that enables the creation of real-time cinema quality footage from live gameplay.

“Premiering this technology with GTFO feels absolutely right. It’s a game that continuously changes from stealth to intense action gameplay with an adaptable impressive soundtrack to add, making it a cinematic experience that really showcases the potential of CineCast’s technology”, says Adam Myhill, Creative Director at Made With Unity. “Also, GTFO is a game that is being built upon a very loyal and already engaging community, and we hope this tool will be of great value to them when they create their own content of GTFO to share.”

The technology was presented live on stage at Unite LA, with something that looked like a professional gameplay trailer, but was four players actually playing GTFO behind the stage live – and CineCast creating the footage in real-time. The live demonstration can be seen and downloaded here.

“10 Chambers being a team of only nine developers, our community and especially the members of our Ambassador Program, has been incredibly important for us to get the word about GTFO out”, says Simon Viklund, member of 10 Chambers Collective. “CineCast is us showing our appreciation for our community and giving them the tools to create their own cool content of GTFO.”

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