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Stor uppdatering till svenska Dreadlands


En massa uppdateringar

Svenska Dreadlands får sin största uppdatering någonsin idag och den bjuder på massor av nytt innehåll.

Svenska Blackfox Studios första spel är Dreadlands och det finns ute via Early Access på Steam. Idag har de släppt en riktigt ordentlig uppdatering som både förbättrar spelet för spelarna, men även adderar en mängd med nytt innehåll. Dessutom har de en rea på spelet för de som inte hoppat på det än. Rabatten är 30 procent och du hittar rean här.

“The Dreadlands community has been invaluable in helping us shape and craft a rewarding turn based strategy experience and we’d love to bring even more players into that community feedback process” säger Blackfox grundare och vd Peter Nilsson.

Peter ser ut så här.

Uppdateringen detaljerad på engelska nedan…

Leveling & XP
Each unit now has their own skill tree (includes passive & active skills) with over 70 new skills.
Max level is now Lv 6.
XP required to level up has been lowered.
All units now have their own starting skills

Added Heavy weapons & Flamethrower
2 New Heavy weapons the Hellion and Warmonger have been added, as well the Flamethrower.

Item changes
Items are no longer consumed on use (apart from Glow Stims). Meaning they are only consumed in-battle and are then restored to use in the next battle.
Antidote renamed to Stim-Pack. Stim-Pack cures Poison and Burn debuffs.
Repair-kits can now restore 1 armor point in combat.
Ammo renamed Ammo Pack. Can no longer be crafted at the Workshop.
Unit inventory size is now reduced from 6 to 4. [Items equipped in the removed slots will be moved to the Gang Inventory, or if it’s full, to the Stash]

Formation system more flexible
Formations now only have 2 restrictions. That your Slot points don’t go beyond the max and that you don’t field more than 10 units total.
This allows for much greater freedom in what units to bring into combat.

Combat Challenges & MVP
8 additional combat challenges added that will rotate.
MVP now rewards additional XP.

Improved the lighting in several parts of the game.
Improved the look of the Scrapper and Tribe-kin Hideouts.

Added additional combat, hideout and ambient music to the game.
Added additional voices to units.

Visually improved across several parts of the game.
Redesigned the Inventory & stat screens.
Overworld map now has additional quick access buttons.
The main menu now has the ”Settings” menu button.
Weapon traits descriptions are now visible on mouse over.
Available Contracts and the Hideout is now marked out on the map.
Implemented class icons to see which unit is which easier.

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