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Com Hem slår världsrekord i bredband på Dreamhack

Dreamhack winter

Com Hem slår hastighetsrekord

På Dreahack Summer i Jönköping har det inte sparats på krutet och Com Hem har därför skickat in sin hastighet på 1,6 Terabits per sekund till Guinness rekordbok.

Så här säger Com Hem själva via ett mail som just damp ner i brevlådan.

Com Hem beats World Record for internet connection

During this weekend’s DreamHack Summer in Jönköping, Sweden, Com Hem is providing internet access of 1.6 Terabit per second, which Com Hem hopes is the fastest internet connection ever measured , used by a larger group of people. Com Hem has filed evidence of this to Guinness World Records under one of their record titles, the evidence is pending review.

Com Hem is providing DreamHack Summer with the world’s fastest internet connection of 1.6 Tbit/second through a direct link to the backbone, which is also used to supply broadband to Com Hem’s 700,000 broadband customers.

The technology used is called DWDM and the link was drawn 300 kilometres between Stockholm and Jönköping, which is most likely the first time a connection this fast has been set up at such a long distance for this type of event.

“Beating the world record and providing the world’s fastest internet connection is a milestone in Com Hem’s history and have been made possible by our modern network and our outstanding employees. It is important that a major broadband provider such as Com Hem has a stable, fast and flexible network that has more capacity to offer our customers when they need it. Today, we have demonstrated that we have this,” says Thomas Helbo, CTO of Com Hem.

“It is wonderful to be involved in breaking a world record and that Com Hem chose to do this with us at DreamHack Summer. Our visitors and participants are very discerning when it comes to connectivity and want it to work seamlessly, so it feels great to let them experience the world’s fastest internet access. We love to break records, and look forward to continuing our partnership with Com Hem and to together deliver powerful experiences and the best connectivity to our participants,” says Marcus Lindmark, CEO of DreamHack.

1.6 Terabit per second corresponds to 16,000, 100 Mbit/s connections, which is the most frequently used broadband service delivered by Com Hem to Swedish households. At this speed, 5 million people can stream Spotify at the highest quality simultaneously, or 230,000 people could watch Netflix in HD simultaneously, and it would take less than one second to download ten copies of Fortnite, one of the largest games in the market.

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