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THQ Nordic köper Piranha Bytes

THQ Nordic

Piranha Bytes ägs numera av expansiva THW Nordic

Det innebär att Gothic, Risen och Elex nu seglar under THQ-flagg.

Få förändringar
Få förändringar, i alla fall i nuläget. Piranha Bytes fortsätter med samma personal i sitt nuvarande kontor. Grundarna kanske har bättre bilar och soligare semestrar framöver, men annars business as usual. Det hintas om Elex 2, men sägs inget om nya Gothic och Risen.

”There are situations in life where you think to yourself ”This feels right.” Well, this is exactly one of them. We have been working on some great and exciting things over the past couple of years and we are extremely stoked about what the future brings with the right partner and the right network of companies”, säger Björn Pankratz, Project Director och Game Designer på Piranha Bytes. ”After all, we want to continue to create great, memorable, and impactful games with as much creative freedom as possible, and with THQ Nordic we know we are now part of a family, which support us by all means in our efforts.”

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