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Holiday sales begin for Nokia Steel HR, the activity-tracking watch with heart rate monitoring

Nokia announced today the launch of Nokia Steel HR, an activity tracking watch with heart rate monitoring, smartphone notifications and personalized coaching programs. Continuing to spearhead the unique category of beautifully designed trackers within fashionable timepieces, Nokia Steel HR marries classic French design with advanced heart rate monitoring, water resistance and an unparalleled 25-day battery life. Nokia Steel HR can automatically measure continuous heart rate during workouts and average heart rate, while also offering a dynamic digital screen that displays overall health data and smartphone notifications. In addition, the watch now features new tracking capabilities with automatic activity recognition for up to 10 new activities, from tennis to weightlifting and dance.

Nokia Steel HR is the newest addition to the Nokia digital health ecosystem of trackers, scales and health devices. The products work with the Nokia Health Mate app to deliver actionable insights to users interested in living a healthy lifestyle.

”We are thrilled to add the design, versatility and functionality of Nokia Steel HR to our digital health portfolio,” said Robert Le Bras-Brown, head of digital health, consumer for Nokia Technologies. ”The 24/7 heart rate monitoring coupled with the beautiful design of Steel HR offers consumers daily health insights that can lead to real behavior change without sacrificing style.”

Holistic Approach to Heart Rate Monitoring
Nokia Steel HR goes beyond tracking steps by providing users with a more detailed look into their overall health and fitness performance. This is accomplished through a technology called photoplethysmography (PPG), which monitors heart rate using green LED lights to detect variation in the level of blood in the wrist. Nokia Steel HR’s heart rate algorithm has been developed to provide accurate measurements, especially during workouts when it’s used most.

During a workout session, users can launch a continuous heart rate session simply by pushing the multifunctional button on the watch. Moreover, Nokia Steel HR will automatically initiate continuous heart rate monitoring while running. During exercise, seeing real-time heart rate at a glance can help optimize workout intensity and motivate the user to improve performance. Post-workout, the user will then be able to view maximum heart rate, calories burned, and a ”time in zone” graph directly within the free Nokia Health Mate App.

On a daily basis, users can visualize how much time was spent in each heart rate zone, providing a holistic picture of their activity output. At night, Nokia Steel HR also automatically monitors the user’s pulse while sleeping to provide night heart rate – a key metric to assess overall health over time.

Personal Health Coach with Health Mate
Nokia Steel HR connects to the free Nokia Health Mate iOS and Android applications. Acting as a powerful resource to manage many aspects of everyday health, Nokia Health Mate provides detailed information about activity including heart rate summaries, a daily timeline, personalized advice and advanced food-logging capabilities. Nokia Health Mate also boasts a range of new tailored and targeted wellness programs to help on your journey in achieving your health goals. It even allows users to share their data and challenge friends via ”in app” interactive leaderboards and social media channels. Nokia Health Mate also integrates with more than 150 top health and fitness apps to further add to the 360° wellness experience.

Best-In-Class Battery Life
Nokia Steel HR is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 25 days, offering the best battery life for a heart monitoring activity tracker. After approximately 25 days of heart rate monitoring, Nokia Steel HR will transition to power save mode, giving users an additional 20 days of battery life. In power save mode, Nokia Steel HR will continue to track basic activity, including steps and swims.

Seamless, Modern Design
Nokia Steel HR has all the coveted features of a stylish analog watch: French design, stainless steel casing, chrome hands and modern silicone straps. In addition, Nokia Steel HR is available in two sizes: 36mm and 40mm. The standard 36mm case comes with a 18mm strap and is available in black and white. The new 40mm case is available in black and comes with a 20mm strap.

Nokia Steel HR features hand dials that show the time, and a sub-dial that shows the percentage achieved of the personal daily activity goal. The activity goal (e.g. 10,000 steps) is set within the free Nokia Health Mate application and keeps users up to date on their progress. Nokia Steel HR also boasts a new dynamic digital screen at the top of the watch face, which displays health data and smartphone notifications (calls, messages and calendar events).

Nokia Steel HR is available for pre-order now and will be shipped in early December.

Nokia Steel HR

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