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Dead by Daylight kommer till Nintendo Switch

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight till Switch meddelat

Succéspelet från kanadensiska studion Behaviour är nu utannonserat till Nintendo Switch.

Koch och Behaviour
Koch Media och Behaviour meddelade idag att de kommer att jobba tillsammans med Dead by Daylight och den kommande Switch-versionen. Koch kommer att distribuera spelet världen över – bortsett från Kina.

Hösten 2019
Dead by Daylight kommer till Switch under hösten 2019 och i och med att spelet kommer senare än till andra plattformar kommer det att vara packat med innehåll från dag ett.

“Bringing Dead by Daylight to the Nintendo Switch is yet another milestone in the games history and a personal dream of mine. Very soon, players will be able to bring their game along and continue serving the Entity on the bus, at work or at home. We are thrilled to be teaming up with Koch Media for the first time. I believe this is the beginning of a very fruitful partnership.” sade Stephen Mulrooney, Senior Vice-President, Behaviour Interactive.

“With Dead by Daylight on Nintendo Switch we’re proud to team up with one of the largest development teams worldwide and our successful new distribution partners at Behaviour Interactive”, sade Mario Gerhold, International Marketing Director Games at Koch Media. “This game is absolutely outstanding and we’re happy to give players on Nintendo Switch the chance to enjoy the most grown up digital hide and seek game of all time wherever they are.”

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