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Panzer Glass samarbetar med Samsung

Samsung S8 Plus

Panzer Glass blir partner med Samsung

Panzer Glass är vårat favoritskärmskydd och vi använder det dagligen på våra privata telefoner. Idag fick vi nedanstående pressmeddelande som är goda nyheter för de som använder Samsung-produkter.

Panzer Glass

PanzerGlass partners with world’s largest smartphone maker, Samsung

Danish screen protector manufacturer, PanzerGlass, has entered the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program (SMAPP). The partnership gives among other things PanzerGlass access to new devices early on, paving the way for improved screen protectors for Samsung’s devices when they are released.
PanzerGlass and Samsung – two major players getting together

PanzerGlass, one of the leading manufacturers of screen protection for smartphones and tablets, has entered a partnership with the world’s biggest smartphone maker, Samsung, in order to deliver high-quality screen protectors to all Samsung devices.

“Becoming a part of SMAPP is a stamp of approval for PanzerGlass™, and we are thrilled to be working together with the global smartphone leader. Samsung’s products are unique and enrich people’s lives and this partnership gives us an advantage in creating high-quality screen protectors that compliment these products and enhance the user experience,” says Casper Aaen, Executive Vice President Operations at PanzerGlass. Reducing time-to-market

With the partnership, PanzerGlass™ is able to greatly reduce their time-to-market for screen protectors for new Samsung devices:

“When you purchase an expensive and irreplaceable product like a smartphone or a tablet, you want to keep it safe. Firstly to avoid costly repairs and secondly because you feel naked without your phone. By reducing our time-to-market, consumers can pick up a PanzerGlass™ screen protector the same day they pick up their new Samsung device,” Casper Aaen explains and continues:
“Simultaneously distributors and retailers are able to anticipate the demand and order PanzerGlass™ early on to accommodate the needs of consumers.

Improved quality control

“By becoming a part of SMAPP we are able to get our hands on the newest Samsung devices we can test and thereby improve our screen protectors even earlier than before. This results in a better screen protector, benefitting consumers, thus giving us a competitive advantage,” Casper Aaen says.

PanzerGlass™ will also have to live up to Samsung’s standards in order to be approved as Designed for Samsung, but that does not scare PanzerGlass:

“Samsung is known for their high-quality products, and so are we. We are eager to meet Samsung’s demands and create screen protectors that compliment and enhance Samsung’s top-of-the-line products,” he finishes.

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