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Koreanska The Coma Recut kommer i augusti

The Coma: Recut kommer till Xbox One och Playstation 4 under augusti månad. Inget exakt datum än, men mellan den första och sista någon gång.

Så här säger utvecklarna – eller om det är utgivarna, men någon är det i alla fall som säger det.

You are Youngho, a hapless Korean student who, after drifting asleep during his final exam, wakes to find himself trapped in a twisted version of his school, Sehwa High. And he’s not alone. Relentlessly pursued by a psychotic killer, Youngho must evade his hunter while desperately searching for a way to escape the dread-filled corridors and classrooms.

• A remastered version of indie cult classic The Coma: Cutting Class, the game has been rebalanced and ‘recut’ with new and updated animations, mechanics, cutscenes and art
• Hide: Crouch in the darkness or cower in a closet to stay out of sight and evade the killer
• Survive: Use your flashlight to search for useful items, but be warned – it can attract unwanted attention
• Mystery: Discover notes and clues to uncover the twisted history of Sehwa High’s students and teachers
• The cast of characters and creepy corridors of Sehwa High are brought to life in a hand-illustrated manhwa art style
• Death: Beware the horrors lurking in the dark, lest you bleed out in some forgotten classroom…

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