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Coffee Stain köper upp Gone North Games i Stockholm

Coffee Stain köper in sig i Gone North Games och blir majoritetsägare.

Studion byter också namn till Coffee Stain North. Det är ju norr om andra studion, men norr är väl att ta i. Och kommer göra det svårt att expandera i norra Sverige. Men en sak i taget.

“We discovered Gone North Games when they pitched us on their first game – A Story About My Uncle, and we saw a lot of potential in their team already back then,” said Anton Westbergh, CEO of Coffee Stain. “The game ended up being our first foray into games publishing, and a successful one at that! Since then the talent behind Gone North has played a major part in carrying the Goat Simulator brand into the future through their seemingly endless creativity and vision. We welcome them into the Coffee Stain group with great excitement to soon be able to share more on their upcoming project”

“When we first approached Coffee Stain we already knew we had a lot in common,“ said Sebastian Eriksson, CEO of Gone North Games. “And over the years we’ve worked together we’ve discovered a deeper personal connection in everything from humor to game design sensibilities. All these commonalities have given us true creative freedom, and with the resources and support of Coffee Stain we’re currently working on our biggest project to date.

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