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Lanserings-trailer för Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Absolution

Nu är det senaste DLC:n ute till Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, och år under namnet Absolution. Det får premiär på Playstation 4, men dyker upp på andra plattformar inom kort.

“No matter your play style, whether you’re a sniper from long range or love close-quarters combat, our team has designed the new maps in Absolution to be fun for all players,” sade Dave Stohl, Studiochef på Infinity Ward. “And with Attack of the Radioactive Thing!, the twisted zombies storyline heads into another crazy setting now in the 1950s, straight from the classic horror movies of the era. It’s a beachside town completely demolished by a new type of enemy we hope our fans will love, along with waves of the undead and all-new weapons and traps to engage with.”

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